Cuban women’s baseball is better than men’s in WBSC world ranking update – full swing

Cuban women’s baseball is better than men’s in WBSC world ranking update – full swing

By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zas

On Thursday, August 11, 2021, the World Federation of Baseball and Softball (WBSC) updated their respective world rankings for both majors, following the conclusion of their competitions at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

These rankings assess the performance of each country associated with the WBSC from the U12 categories to the professional level, and in the sports of baseball, softball, and the male and female sectors.

To award points, scores obtained by countries over the past four years are taken into account. It should be noted that in 2020 no points were awarded for the epidemiological situation, which significantly affected the development of sports around the world.

as stated in WBSC official websiteJapan continues to lead in men’s baseball worldwide, among the 85 ranked countries, with a total of 4,290 points, after 375 added after winning the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

For its part, Korea climbed to second place in the standings with 3,423 points (adding 173 to its fourth Olympic position), replacing Chinese Taipei, which remained with 3,315 units, to third place.

The United States added 308 points to its Tokyo 2020 silver medal and remained fourth, now with 3077, while Mexico also stayed in fifth, now with 2,270 units, after 38 added it with a sixth Olympic spot and remains the best country. In Latin America the world of men’s baseball.

The Dominican Republic, the bronze medalist in the Olympics, added 240 points and rose to sixth place with 2,063, while Australia fell to seventh place in 1946.

The Netherlands, the best European country, climbed to eighth place with 1,740 units, while Canada, with a score of 1,713, fell to ninth place. Venezuela remained in tenth place with 1,619 points.

The other team who participated in Tokyo 2020Israel added 105 points but remained in 24th place with 400 points. The best-ranked growth rates were for Slovenia, which rose five places to 69th, while Ireland (39th), Croatia (43rd), Uganda (44th) and Saudi Arabia (45th) moved up three places.

Switzerland and Poland fell a total of nine places in the world rankings, to 50 and 53 respectively, while Bulgaria fell eight places to 62, the worst performance in the period.

Cuban attitudes: female is better than male

In the case of Cuba, Antilles men’s baseball, a sport that was excluded from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, for the first time in history, remained in 11th place with a total of 1,607 points, followed by Puerto Rico, Panama and Nicaragua. .

But the most surprising thing about the WBSC rankings update is that Cuban women’s baseball rose to seventh place in the standings with 520 points and was placed in a better position than her male husband, which clearly says something negative is happening in Cuba. baseball.

Japan, with a score of 1,355 points, remained at the forefront of the women’s list globally, while Chinese Taipei climbed to second place with 1,097 points, while Canada slipped to third place with 1,029. The United States (1015) and Venezuela (900) ranked fourth and five.

The Dominican Republic also improved among women, moving up three places to rank sixth with 717, followed by Cuba, the third best country in Latin America. Australia (509), Puerto Rico (371) and Korea (364) closed the top ten.

Cuban women’s softball jumped five places. Japan is the best in WBSC.

If we look at the updated WBSC rankings, it’s clear that Japan not only dominates men’s and women’s baseball, but is also a leader in both subgenres of softball, with 3737 points among men and 3,362 on the women’s list, being the best animators for these sports worldwide. .

Argentina (3,731 points) took second place in the men’s softball rankings, being the best in America, while Australia (3,244), New Zealand (3,215) and Canada (2957) closed the top five. Cuba ranked 14th with 768 units, down one from the previous ranking.

In the women’s sector, the United States (3342), Canada (2,990), Mexico (2,488) and Puerto Rico (2,322) are behind Japan, while Cuba has improved five places and now ranks 18th, with 554 units.

If you want more information about the method used by the WBSC to calculate its rating points, you can refer to it over here.

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