UAG welcomes hundreds of foreign medical students


The International Medicine Program of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG) welcomed new students.

This ceremony took place at the 3 de Marzo stadium where the traditional imposition of white coats and the swearing in of the medical profession took place, where they began their university education.

Dr. Alfonso Petersen Farah, Vice President of Health Sciences at UAG, in his letter gave a warm welcome to the newly enrolled students, stating that the white coat is recognized by society as a symbol of the medical profession.

He explained that the use of the white coat in doctors began at the beginning of the last century, and its meaning is related to the accuracy, openness, dedication, behavior and morals with which the doctor deals with his patients.

He added that the doctor’s invitation is emphasized daily in each of the lessons he receives from his teachers and in the practices he performs.

“For this reason, your university today gives you the white coat, so that you may continue your career of service, dedication and preparation, but above all, the beginning of a commitment to others,” he said.

The university official called on the new students to commit to continuous training and learning from teachers. In his message, he thanked the parents for the trust they placed in this study house to train their children on moral and ethical values.

After the message of Dr. Petersen Farah, the imposition of the white coats was held, with each student wearing them for the first time marking the start of their medical training.

Dr. Anna Meza Ontiferos, the second year coordinator of the International Medicine Program, was responsible for reading the oath in which they affirm and are committed to carrying out medical work with ethics and values.

At the event, which was also attended by the students’ relatives, all health and distance protocols and procedures were followed.

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