Uganda: Fear is growing of an Ebola outbreak; There are six injured children

Uganda: Fear is growing of an Ebola outbreak;  There are six injured children

Six children from the Ugandan capital have tested positive for EbolaThe health minister reported on Wednesday, marking a sharp exacerbation of the outbreak declared just over a month ago.

Children, students from three different schools in KampalaThey are part of at least 15 people in the city who have contracted the virus. According to a statement from Health Minister Jane Ruth Assing.

Children are members of a family I was exposed to the disease by a man who had traveled from an area with high Ebola ratesHe sought treatment in Kampala and died there, according to the statement.

“He is responsible for the infection of the seven family members, including neighbors and many others,” the statement said, referring to the patient who traveled with the disease. “We were able to find this group, and another group, due to the Ministry’s follow-up to track contacts and deal with field cases,” he added.

the authorities “They are following up” about 170 contacts from the schools the six children attended, he addeds, indicated the unit.

Fears of the spread of the Ebola virus outside the epicenter of the outbreak It prompted the authorities to impose a lockdown That includes curfews in two of the five regions that reported cases of the disease on October 16. The measures were taken after a man infected with Ebola traveled to Kampala and died in the capital, becoming the first confirmed case of the disease in the city.

Ebola, which presents as a viral hemorrhagic fever, It has infected 109 people and killed 30 since September 20when an outbreak was declared several days after the disease began to spread in a rural community in central Uganda.



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