A Night Without Peace: References to “Home Alone” in David Harbor’s Film | easter eggs | My poor little angel | violent night | nndaml | fame

A Night Without Peace: References to “Home Alone” in David Harbor’s Film |  easter eggs |  My poor little angel |  violent night |  nndaml |  fame

On November 2, the movie “(“Violent Night” in the original language), which moves away from traditional Christmas tapes filled with love and thoughtfulness, changing them to that seeks justice regardless of violent and twisting methods.

The movie is directed by Tommy Wirkola It must be Such a mortal and bloodthirsty Santa Clausea character more like his interpretation and that its origin is very dark, in contrast to the Christmas character of a sleigh and a reindeer traveling around the world, bringing joy and gifts.

Unsurprisingly, such a bleak film should also include references to other holiday-related films, mainly “.(“Home Alone”, in English), starring Macaulay Culkin.

David Harbor as Santa Claus in A Night Without Peace (Photo: Universal Studios)

“Silent Night” reference to “my poor little angel”

It’s no secret that during Christmas there are songs and movies that become iconic and only grow in popularity as the holiday approaches the end of the year. clear exampleall I Want for Christmas Is You“,”The promised gift“yes”“.

It’s precisely this last story that has hooked millions of people, since the first and second installments followed He is a boy who was accidentally left by his family during the holidays and has to defend himself against some attackers.

tape David Harbor Honors plot released in 1990, this time through small Trudy LightstonWho lives his fantasy with dangerous mercenaries.

At the beginning of the strip, Trudy, the girl she has just seen for the first time, is introduced He becomes a fan of Kevin and imitates his phrases and movements.

The Traps Left by Kevin McCallister inspired the movie

The traps left by Kevin McCallister in “My Poor Little Angel” inspired young Trudy Lightstone (Photo: 20th Century Fox)

It was exactly the tricks of the character played by Macaulay Culkin that kept his family safe when Mr. Scrooge (John Leguizamo) They are trying to kidnap them.

In fact, this is how the little girl has the opportunity to live out her Christmas fantasy, because in a very funny scene, she sets many traps and gives what she deserves to the criminals who try to harm her, keeping them at bay. long time.

Although effective, these tricks ultimately fail, and the family falls into Scrooge’s clutches, waiting for a hero to save them, a hero like Santa Claus, who will save them from evil before continuing his quest for year-end parties.

More information about “Night Without Peace”

When will the movie “Night Without Peace” be shown first?

The movie starring David Harbor was released last Friday, December 2 in the US and comes with the start of the month of Christmas holidays.

For its part, it will arrive in Latin America next Thursday, December 8, by the production company, “Universal Pictures”.

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