One of the most watched series on Netflix finally has news of a second season

One of the most watched series on Netflix finally has news of a second season

March 2021 one of the The most watched series on Netflix beat amazing register: became the first to be 28 days in a row In the first place From Top 10 most popular In the United States, an achievement that until then was neither more nor less Tiger King with 27 days.

With 52 million views by old Netflix, Jenny and Georgia was one of Nicknames Most reproduced in 2021And the And if we add to this some controversies with the mention of celebrities who have even made hinted to replyEveryone went to find out what the series is about.

After more than a year, fans can rest easy because of that Netflix has finally revealed the release date for the second season And some new pictures of what to expect.

The Jan 5th 2023 is the day that new episodes They’ll make it to the podium, and with the conclusion of the previous season, it has a good chance of being one of the most watched series on Netflix again.

That is we remember it Jenny and Georgia He had finished the former by leaving home with his little brother after finding out that his mother had poisoned his stepfather. However, from the images posted by Netflix, it appears that teenager hHe’s back in Georgia and now the two of them will have to face what happened.

At first everything seems to be more or less back to normal, and that is that Jenny is back in class, she’s with her friends, she even shows up with Marcus, so we’ll continue to find out more about this relationship that comes and goes. However, this is for sure The tip of the iceberg and more drama lies ahead than we think.

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