Netflix Co-Founder Calls Elon Musk “The Bravest, Most Creative Person On The Planet” For His Purchase Twitter | Spain | Mexico | United States | technology

Reed Hastings, Co-Founder and Co-Director and the billionaire was praised For your recent purchase: . He stated this publicly during the New York Times DealBook Summit.

Hastings described Musk as “The bravest and most creative person on the planetHe adds that it wasEnthusiasticto buy a billionaire. Musk responded by tweeting:Wow, thanks for the kind words.“.

The co-CEO of Streaming also noted that public opinion is beinghard to make him satisfiedRegarding the changes Musk was implementing to the social network. Hastings is100% convinced that he is trying to help the world in all his endeavors“.

“He just spent all this money trying to make (Twitter) a lot better for democracy and society, to have a more open platform, and I sympathize with that agenda.Hastings said.

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However, he also noticed the differences, because he believed that the way he was doing things was not exactly the way he would do it.

Although Elon was grateful for the CEO’s comments, months ago, he was critical of the streaming platform. In a tweet he indicated: “The Awakened Mind Virus Makes It Impossible to Watch Netflix” After that, he will report the loss of subscribers.

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