Uganda suspends mass activities to curb Ebola spread

Uganda suspends mass activities to curb Ebola spread

Kampala, Sep 23 (Prinsa Latina), Uganda today suspended operations at recreational centers and restricted the number of people in meetings to stem the spread of the latest Ebola outbreak, which was detected in the city of Mubindi.

The health authorities have so far confirmed 11 cases of infection and four deaths from the deadly disease.

Rosemary Biapshaiga, Mubindi District Commissioner, noted that due to the transmission of the Ebola virus through physical contact, a decision had been taken to suspend entertainment venues and limit the number of people attending weddings and performances.

The current outbreak, attributed to the Sudan dynasty, appears to have begun in early September, in a small town in the Mubindi district, west of Kampala.

According to the World Health Organization, this strain is less transmissible and has a lower mortality rate compared to the Zaire Ebola virus, which has killed nearly 2,300 people in the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Ebola pandemic spread between 2014 and 2016 and infected 28,646 people, of whom 11,323 died in 10 countries: six of them in Africa; Three from Europe and the United States were controlled with the active cooperation of epidemiologists from several countries, including Cuba.

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