Black Adam 2 is real, the movie is already planned!

Black Adam 2 is real, the movie is already planned!

Black Adam 2 is finished and work on the movie has begun!

Black Adam was a hit among DC fans and it caused the machine to start running on Black Adam 2: That’s it!

Dwayne Johnson It is already part of DCEU, Black Adam is already in theaters and is one of the most awaited films by DC fans for a long time, and this was noticed during the next preview and premiere. We are waiting to find out the data on the box office of the film, because in this case it is very important.

of success black Adam It depends on whether the DC characters’ extended universe continues to expand. The Rock confirmed to the media that his movie was the first stone in what he called The first phase of the DCEUas if it were the MCU, though Dwayne Johnson said they’d be true to their own style.

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Although Negative Reviews of Rotten TomatoesWhere professional critics have challenged the movie, DC fans and the general public have welcomed the movie with open arms, at least that’s what it sounds like, which is why the film’s producers revealed that it won’t be long before we see Black Adam 2 in theaters.

Hiram Garcia reveals we’ll be seeing Black Adam 2 sooner than we think

It was in an interview with ComicBook where Hiram Garcia, along with Boo Flynn, another Black Adam production member, confirmed that Black Adam 2 is indeed a reality and that they will start working on it:

“A second will be faster, and it won’t take long. I promise, we’ll make it fast, that’s for sure.”

Hiram Garcia for the comic book

despite to Black AdamIt still has a long way to go at the box office in the US and the rest of the world, it’s always a good idea for those responsible for these franchises to announce the development of the sequel,David Zaslav intended to have 10 years of projects in a successful mannerIt appears that the first of several steps towards this goal have already been taken.

When could the premiere of Black Adam 2 be? What could it be about?

We could be seeing this movie from 2024, unless Hiram Garcia’s comments are literal, and she’s making the movie at breakneck speed, but we’d be venturing into the middle of 2024, as a perfect date. In the Black Adam sequel, there’s likely to be a deeper dive into Superman Returns.

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I don’t know if the movie is about a confrontation between the two greatest powers on earth, but they probably have something to do with it, I think the focus will be between Black Adam and Shazam! In the end he’s the villain for this character, even though we’re excited about the idea of ​​seeing Henry Cavill vs Dwayne Johnson on the screen.

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