Uganda, the Pearl of the African Continent – No Noch

Uganda, the Pearl of the African Continent – No Noch

Expert travelers always say that you can’t come back from a trip the same way you left and that’s what we try to do at La Noche de COPE every Tuesday morning. Travel, enjoy the journey, find alternate routes to the typical routes that appear in the guides and come back from that fairytale and radio-altered journey … The person responsible for this transformation is the expert writer, publisher and traveler Andres Pascual. This time we’re visiting Uganda, but first, we take a detour to celebrate Inventor Day and do it with the character Hedy Lamarr, the actress and inventor who has captivated Walt Disney himself.

Although Heidi was Austrian, today her destination is Uganda, a country that could be a good setting for one of Disney’s animated films. Its strength lies in its nature, and its weaknesses are linked to the instability that the country is experiencing with continuous revolutions. And although Uganda is a gem in itself, everyone who wants to visit it should organize a visit to the Impenetrable Forest National Park, the perfect habitat for mountain gorillas.

One of the few places where you can see the so-called “Big Seven”, the seven largest mammals in nature, but also the home of Yini, a boy whose story inspired the creation of Ryan’s Wealth Foundation when he was a young Canadian, still in school, who managed to fund a well in Yinji City was thus able to change his life.

And so, with the innovative spirit of Hedy Lamar and stories that can easily be found in Uganda like Yini, Andrés Pascual invites us to look for solutions and try to make the lives of those around us easier, just as Ryan did with that little Ugandan boy.

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