Ugandan opposition condemns election fraud


The day after the Ugandan ruler was declared elected, the opposition denounced the fraud and demanded the release of its leader, Bobby Wayne, who was placed under house arrest.

President Yoweri Museveni has secured a sixth five-year term that will lead him to power for a period of four decades, according to the official results.

On Sunday, the Ugandan army continued to detain opposition leader Wayne at his home, claiming it was for his safety. Wayne dismissed Museveni’s supposed victory, calling it “fraudulent and fraudulent.”

In the meantime, the opposition party demanded the government to release the opposition leader.

The opposition party, the Platform for National Unity, declared in a statement issued on Sunday, “We call on the Ugandan people to reject this fraud.”

“This is a revolution, not an event,” he added, adding that a revolution of this kind cannot be stopped by rigged elections.

He stressed that “the struggle for a free Uganda continues, despite the current attack on freedom of expression and assembly,” referring to the government’s decision to ban access to the Internet.

The party urged its supporters to seek political change “through all available constitutional resources.”

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