Will Biden be able to re-sew America?



Among the many, one

Alex Rodriguez

Donald Trump inherited from Barack Obama a country that is divided, hesitant, insecure and fearful. Joe Biden receives from Trump a more polarizing and confrontational country, in a culture war with itself, which has abandoned its global leadership and lost its moral authority. The world is still rubbing its eyes with disbelief toward the crowd that stormed the Capitol on January 6 with encouragement from the outgoing president. Democracy ended in victory, precious but also weak. Because America is still living with its original sin in the conflict: It was founded on freedom and diversity on the one hand, and slavery and genocide of indigenous people on the other. Vanguard file In this case, he approaches this reality and wonders if Joe Biden, 46th President, will be able to re-sew the country.

The time has come to turn the page, unite, and heal, as he said in his inaugural speech, an emotional call for national unity (Halpin). He will try, but for this he will have to face three priorities: the pandemic his predecessor ignored, the economic crisis and the exacerbation of racial confrontation after the brutal death of George Floyd suffocating on the knee of a Minneapolis cop. In May 2020 (Descallar). A murder that suddenly changed the conditions for belonging to the community of good guys; To be so, you have to kneel upon the national anthem (Kirchik). Biden will have to increase racial justice and equality in the country, as well as restructure its economy so that it returns to provide security and reasonable prosperity for the majority of citizens (Levin).

Biden must increase racial justice and equality in the country

Four decades of accelerating inequality has thrown America’s middle class into growing economic instability. Sample button: Roughly 80% of American workers live daily, and four out of ten families cannot have $ 400 in cash to deal with emergencies (Collins). The biggest gap is not between states, but between centers of large urban areas and everything else, where low-wage workers unite, not on the basis of class, but on ethnic, racial or religious identity. The culture war is stronger than the class war (Lind). Today, division wars in the United States are cultural (Ashby).

The United States, a country torn apart by multiple gender gaps (Solanas) and in which minority ethnic groups are not homogeneous (Pascual), has polarized roots in the racial issue. It is not economic anxiety, income, or ideology that explains discontent within the American electorate, but the competing forces of racial progressivism and racial reaction (Mendes). The United States is a country, and it is a country divided from its founding and survived a bloody civil war, and since then it stopped saying to itself “the United States” to say “the United States is” (Weissbrod). Always divided, but also united, as it is written on his Great Seal: Among the many, one (Among the many, one).

Always divided, but also united

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American dissension By Kenneth Weissbrod

The USA seal, “one of many,” indicates that the division between different ethnic, cultural and religious realities is something inherent in the country, which could have been dealt with throughout history thanks to a flexible constitution and the balance of power. However, the end of the Cold War marked the beginning of the intensification of differences.

The Americas

Biden, Trump, and the Political Landscape Written by Edward Ashby

The US administration is a “clumsy giant”, struggling to equip itself with the resources and coordination required by economic challenges and social crises. The response to the damage from Hurricane Katrina demonstrated these shortcomings. The country today faces high inequality and polarization that makes it difficult to develop effective policies.

* Interview with Barack Obama, former President of the United States: “Biden and Harris will do what they can to unify the country.”

* The “non-civil war” of the United States By John Halpin

In the Capitol building just attacked by a Trump crowd, Biden addressed citizens in his inauguration speech as workers, neighbors, or parents, and not as political citizens, calling for harmony. The steps necessary for reconciliation are accepting the truth of the facts, escaping the wrath of networks, and restoring trust.

Can Joe Biden re-sew the United States of America? By Jorge Dzkalar

Biden is obligated to heed the wish of the majority of the electorate, which is to heal the wounds now sweeping the country. The first priority is to reverse the mismanagement of the epidemic, which has already caused the deaths of more than half a million people, the second is to relaunch an economy inundated with public stimulus and the third is to attack shattered racial inequality.

* America’s Divided Countries By James Kirschik

Trump’s term, so accustomed to the use of lies, ended the brutal attack on the symbol of American democracy. The other side, which dominates universities, NGOs, culture …, has replaced classic liberalism with “walkie”.

* Timeline of Images: The Original Sin

* The Other Side of American Nationalism: The Traditions That Give Trump Pur Anatole Levin

Trumpism already existed before Trump and was called “ Jacksonian ”, and it is a chauvinist, original, exclusionary and pessimistic political culture that prefers to isolate itself from the world and abandon international alliances, unless it is able to control it. With networks, cable TV, and Trump, he’s managed to be the mainstream of the right.

Reducing the middle classes

* The new geography of class warfare By Michael Lind

If you analyze the elections not by states but by provinces, you will see the true dichotomy between “reds” and “blues”. Large urban centers and suburbs vote for the Democrats, while the rest vote for Republicans (peripheral and suburban areas, small cities, farms, and ranches).

* The Middle Class Crisis: Its Implications for Social and Political Cohesion By Chuck Collins

Since the 1970s, wealth has been concentrated in the upper extremities and has fallen stiflingly in the lower and middle classes, as a result of neoliberal policies that cut social spending and taxes on the wealthy and corporations that prevented productivity increases being equally reflected in wages.

Ethnic polarization and heterogeneous minority voting Laura Pascual Manzanares

The topic on which whites vote mostly Republicans, and blacks and Spaniards, Democrats, should be more precise. In the recent elections, Trump succeeded in increasing the vote of blacks by appealing to immigration and the economy, the same with Hispanics, and showing hostility with countries such as Cuba or Venezuela.

* Multicolor country on white background

Inclusion and Backlash: Ethnic Divisions After Trump By Matthew Mendes Garcia

The United States voted with Biden for an inclusive country that would overcome its past of discrimination, but as it happened with Obama, it did not cancel the opposite opinion, which denies the existence of anything like “systemic racism.” The division is above all racist, and the votes of both parties are explained above all by their position on this issue.

* The middle house

* A country torn apart by multiple gender gaps due to Maria Solanas

The weight of women was a major factor in Joe Biden’s victory, after Donald Trump’s mandate began with the largest demonstrations since the Vietnam War, by the feminist movement. On the other hand, Trump received more male support. A detailed analysis of the results from a gender perspective.

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