Ugandan weightlifter who disappeared in Japan returns home

Ugandan weightlifter who disappeared in Japan returns home


Ugandan weightlifter Julius Siketoliko, who disappeared from a training camp in Japan before Tokyo OlympicsAnd he returned to his country on Friday, according to the authorities of the African state. Siquitoliko From the nearby Izumisano Hotel Osaka, after not showing up for a Covid-19 test.

He was on the waiting list for the final participation in the Games, but recently lost all hope of being able to participate due to the Olympic quotas.

In a note found in his hotel room, he said he wanted to stay in Japan for work and requested that his assets be sent to his family in Uganda. The 20-year-old athlete was found ‘safe and sound’ On Tuesday by Japanese police, which spoke of “unacceptable behavior.”

And on Friday, announcing his return, Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs In a statement, he said the athlete had “violated the code of conduct” of the Ugandan Olympic team and that he would receive psychological support. The ministry said it was “committed to rehabilitating” the athlete to help him in his career.

Selim Musuk SenkongoThe president of the Uganda Weightlifting Federation told AFP last week that the athlete had trained “very hard” for what could be his first Olympic weightlifting competition.

Sikitoliko has recently won a bronze medal in the African Championships.

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