Ugandans don't want their government to bail out big companies · Global Voices

Ugandans don't want their government to bail out big companies · Global Voices
Public school in Uganda.  Tweeters argue that taxpayer money needs to bail out schools like this.  Image released under Creative Commons by the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance.

Public school in Uganda. Twitter users say taxpayer money should bail out schools like this. Image posted below Creative Commons by Sustainable Sanitation Alliance.

when The news has been published After the Ugandan government tried to use a trillion shillings ($300 million) in taxes to bail out debt-ridden companies, Ugandans on Twitter called the move a “scam” and suggested the aid money should instead go to Uganda's underserved public schools.

Companies whose debts the government wants to bail out have been privately acquired from various banks in Uganda. Many of these companies are owned by powerful and well-connected tycoons. Some central banks and members of the Ministry of Finance Against the bailout plan.

David Mbanga, a Ugandan lawyer, described the plan as “nationalization of losses”:

Privatization of profits and nationalization of losses. Should we all pay for corporate losses when their profits are not shared?

Alan Senyonga was surprised to discover that one of these List of companies It was a nightclub:

Club Silk is one company that needs to be saved. Is it really a priority for Uganda?

Frederick Tumusiime suggested:

For any rescue operation, citizens must acquire shares in the company/s. “No” to public money for private purposes.

Ugandans have questioned aid plans for powerful, well-placed businessmen in a country with little investment in infrastructure and where schools and hospitals lie in ruins.

Sarah Peretti suggested that the government save these schools:

Uganda's poor cannot continue to support the rich. Rescue schools that do not have classrooms, books or toilets.

Jeff shared a photo of a company the government should help:

This image represents companies that the government must bail out using tax money.

And another picture of a destroyed government school:

Karongo Seed School, Buhwego District.

Do you need rescue? no. Rescue companies that do not pay taxes

While Samways Gamgee advised:

If saving them is a matter of national interest, then sharing their benefits could be a matter of national interest as well.

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