Unexpected WhatsApp chat between a girl and a prankster

Unexpected WhatsApp chat between a girl and a prankster

On more than one occasion, parents or a guardian may have told us that “we should not trust strangers,” and that applies to any aspect of life. The advent of social networks has left hundreds of people vulnerable and they end up being scammed by hackers, cybercriminals or malicious people.

A young woman recently went viral after sharing a conversation she had with a WhatsApp scammer on social media.

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A young woman shared on Twitter the horrific experience she had with a scammer The WhatsApp. They wanted to deceive her, but she found out and it all ended in a pleasant conversation with the fraudster.

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The young woman, whose name is Natalia, shared a screenshot from the conversation she had with the scammer on Twitter. It all started when the other person sent you a fake transfer voucher And I knew right away.

When she found out that it was all a hoax, the girl said to the other person: “My friend, look for new tricks.” However, the situation then turned into a comical moment for both of them.

Thanks anyway, you’re the first person to try shit… What a thrill,” the young woman told him. The man asked her if it was true that she had never been cheated, and it seemed surprising to him and he admitted that maybe she was very smart, which is why she didn’t Fall into the traps.” You are the first. Thank you very much. Greetings.” And it ended in incredible harmony, to which the “swindler” wrote: “Thank you and take care of yourself. good luck to you.”

The young woman’s tweet got 513 retweets and more than 23.2 thousand likes. Even hundreds of users Twitter Leave a comment. “They did the same thing to me and called me from the ‘bank’ right away to demand the money. In theory the bank waits 72 hours. In order to add the money and they call you there, but in that call they called me because there was a ‘priority’ and it was based on this : So that there are no scams “,” How nice it is to get along like this with your swindler “,” HAHAHA you got along very well with the swindler “, were some of the comments received by Natalia.

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