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The Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives initiates proceedings and decides on political positions to “judge” the president, which must be voted on by the House of Representatives and ultimately by the Senate.

It is a process by which the legislature can remove a president if it is deemed to have committed a crime.

Throughout history, the United States Senate has indicted nineteen people, most of them federal judges.

Prosecutors in Donald Trump’s trial will present previously unseen evidence to support their case in the Senate over the former president’s conviction.

Contrary to what happened in his first book
IsolationDonald Trump no longer has White House lawyers or famous scholars like Alan Dershowitz to defend him.

The operation will go down in history in two ways: Because it would make Donald Trump the first American president to face two political trials.

Tomorrow the opening of pleadings for prosecutors
IsolationThey are nine Democratic representatives in the House of Representatives.

Once the Senate decides the process is constitutional, something for which it will only need a simple majority, impeachment will resume on Wednesday, when prosecutors’ arguments and Trump’s defense begin.

According to what was agreed upon yesterday between Democratic Senate leaders Chuck Schumer and Republican Mitch McConnell, today’s session will be devoted to assessing whether this accountability is constitutional.

The process will begin at 1:00 PM (6:00 PM in Spain) in the Senate, where the 100 members of the Senate will serve as a jury.

Trump’s attorneys plan to start the trial by asking whether the US Constitution allows the Senate to hold an impeachment trial for a president after he leaves office.

If Donald Trump is found guilty, there will be no immediate consequences as he is no longer president.

For a damning decision to occur, a two-thirds majority is required in the Senate, with both Democrats and Republicans taking 50 seats.

It is unlikely that the former president will have to testify, although prosecutors have asked him to. Donald Trump representatives have already said that he does not intend to do so and in his first speech
Isolation Nor is it.

It is not known how long the impeachment trial of Donald Trump will continue, although it is expected to proceed faster than the first trial against the former president, which lasted up to twenty days.

In addition, the text indicates that he promoted the riots, “by voluntarily making statements that encouraged and predictably led to imminent illegal action on Capitol Hill.”

The impeachment wording affirms that it confirms that Donald Trump “addressed a close crowd of political supporters. There he repeated false claims that we won this election, and we will win an overwhelming majority,” shortly before the joint session of the House of Representatives. Congress will begin on January 6.

Good evening! And welcome to the live broadcast of everything happening in the first session of Donald Trump’s “accountability”.

The former President of the United States will be held accountable for his role in the attack on the Capitol on January 6, in which five people were killed, one of them a policeman.

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