United States: Biden pledges to create new jobs at the United States – International Climate Summit


The climate summit organized by the United States concluded on Friday by doubling international commitments and charting a future in which millions of jobs will be created, many of them in “yet to be envisioned” sectors such as “Energy Islands” to halt them. The Global Warming.

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In his speech on Friday, US President Joe Biden said, “There will be people working in fields we have not yet imagined, in farms, factories, laboratories and universities,” stressing the “opportunity” that opens up to create “millions.” Of well-paying jobs “around the world.

At the same time, Bill GatesOne of the founders of Microsoft warned that the technologies “used today will not achieve the ambitious goals” to reduce greenhouse gases, which will require “massive joint investment” from the public and private sectors.

Biden’s special climate envoy, John Kerry, said, “No politician, regardless of demagogy or ability, will change the way markets move” toward a sustainable and green economy.

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Young people rally against climate change on Friday, March 19, in Madrid, Spain.


David Fernandez. EFE

During the summit, which was held roughly by the pandemic, the world’s 40 invited leaders discussed their goals to accelerate plans to cut emissions and move towards Green and sustainable economy.

Biden praised the desire shown by all of those present, citing the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin as an example. President Putin and I have our differences, but he talks about how to capture carbon from space. It makes perfect sense: to the extent that the Russian president and I do not agree, these two great countries can cooperate to achieve solutions. “

Some emitters are great, like The United States and JapanOn Thursday, it announced new targets to reduce its emissions and reach climate neutrality by 2050, which is also taking the European Union and which other powers such as China and Russia have promised to approach.


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