La Jornada – At the conclusion of the Climate Summit, proposals to increase investment in clean economies


Washington. US President Joe Biden used the summit to celebrate the United States’ return to the international campaign against climate change, which his predecessor Donald Trump has firmly abandoned. Yesterday, at the virtual climate summit, world rulers and leaders expressed how nations can free themselves from environmentally harmful fossil fuels.

“We cannot win the battle against climate change if we do not do it together globally,” said Kenyan President Uhuru Muegai Kenyatta.

The second and final day of the Summit of 40 Leaders organized by the White House is devoted to promoting major investments so that the world’s nations transition to cleaner and more prosperous economies in the long term.

Compared to the United States and other rich countries that depend on coal, Kenya stands out as a poor country that is narrowing the technology gap despite its limited financial resources. Within a few decades, it switched from consuming coal, kerosene, and wood to using and producing geothermal, wind and solar energy.

Biden allocates $ 2.3 billion for renewable energy

Biden also used the summit to highlight his proposal to invest $ 2.3 trillion to rebuild America’s shattered infrastructure, with efficient and climate-friendly transportation systems, electricity grids and buildings.

Biden said technological development and expanded consumption of wind and solar energy have made them competitors for coal and natural gas in the United States, and investment will lead to clean and prosperous energy “in things we haven’t even thought of yet.” .

According to the government, that would mean the success or reversal of Biden’s climate vision: Trillion-dollar investments in clean technology, research, and infrastructure will project a future competitive US economy and create jobs, some of them “green,” while creating a planet.

Billionaires Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg, along with metallurgical and electricity union leaders, have called for renewable energy, such as solar power.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has spoken of scientists at hundreds of companies seeking to improve battery capacity, a key aspect of renewable energy.

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