United States – Colombia live online: women friendly, live

United States – Colombia live online: women friendly, live

Colombia is suffering but the United States did not specify

The United States set the terms during the first 45 minutes of the match and added them. Colombia tried to defend itself and propose to be able to attack, but it did not support any idea and did not arrive clearly. The North Americans found themselves with a strong defensive line, with some errors and a high-ranking goalkeeper avoiding a partial victory on three straight occasions.

In the defensive area of ​​​​Colombia, the most worked one, Daniela Arias was the main player, winning balls in the air and in singles and speed. Monica Ramos managed to interfere in two runs and the wings contributed, but suffered from the speed of the US players. The great character for the visitors was goalkeeper Catalina Perez, who managed to avoid Horan’s penalty, and two shots aimed at Sullivan and Pugh.

For its part, the United States, with the terms of the match at hand, was able to carry out several group moves, but without the usual effectiveness. Pugh, Smith, Hatch and Horan tried all kinds of shots and corner kicks, but luck was on the visitors who managed to dominate the match proposed by their opponents, but with a goalless result.

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