United States of America. The US Congress approves a funding plan to avoid the government’s economic collapse


MADRID, September 30 (European press) –

This Thursday, on when to cut, the US Congress approved a temporary funding plan that would keep federal government offices operational at least until December 3, thus avoiding the administrative shutdown of non-essential public services, after the original project did not have Republican approval.

The text, which must be signed before midnight Friday by President Joe Biden, received 254 votes to 175 against in the House. With 65 opposition, 35 supporters in the Senate.

The recently approved text included, among other things, $28.6 billion to deal with the devastation wrought by recent cyclones and wildfires, as well as another $6.3 billion to resettle Afghan nationals, a CBS series details.

Approval of this measure avoids for the time being a financial crisis, such as the one that occurred in 2019, which cost the American economy about 11 thousand million dollars, when the government and Congress failed to resolve their differences with budgets.

However, it remains to be seen how the issue of the bill allowing the debt ceiling to be increased, the passage of which does not win Republican approval in the always divided US Senate, remains, even though Democrats still have legal action to do outside of the unilateral measure.

At the very least, says Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, that outcome represented a “ray of hope,” because “one of the biggest problems” that lay ahead was making sure the federal government remained open. He celebrated “Now we can be sure that it will be.”

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives awaits another long-awaited vote on an infrastructure bill that does not appear to have the support needed to move forward.

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