United States | The Republican Party shortens the distances to control Congress and the Senate

And theThe future of the US Senate depends on three states: Arizona, Georgia and Nevada.

But the results are not yet clear.

Official results may arrive from Arizona and Nevada on Friday.

In Georgia, the race is very tight and none of the candidates cross 50%, which means there will be a second election in December.

Although the Democrats will lose an advantage in the House, a Joe Biden In high spirits he congratulated the Democratic winners tonight.

Hours later, in his appearance before the press, he declared that “democracy is the victor”:“Our democracy has been put to the test in recent years, but with your votes the American people have spoken and shown once again that democracy is what we are.”

While Democrats are comfortable with the irony of their results, Republicans believe they should have done a better job. Donald Trump He was among them when some of his elected candidates were narrowly elected.

In social networks, confirm it “While the election was somewhat disappointing in some ways, in my personal view it was a huge victory.”

For now, the waiting game continues as the US vote recount system once again contrasts with the one a leading global power is supposed to have.

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