US considers energy policy challenge in Mexico

US considers energy policy challenge in Mexico

The US government is studying the mechanisms provided for in Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) about challenge Various provisions of active policy The Mexican governmentaffecting the interests of North American companies.

Catherine Taye, US Government Trade Representative (whose office is called USTR), North American congressmen reported this Thursday that there are provisions that have been implemented in recent months and also other provisions in the works — such as constitutional reform in electrical matters — that have awakened Concern for companies based in Mexicoas well as the US authorities.

“We at USTR are analyzing all options available under the T-MEC, to address these issues, so that the T-MEC can work for our participants and protect our environment in the three countries,” the official said. To a report published by the daily newspaper Reshape.

Catherine Thai He also commented that the North American authorities They moved to their counterparts in Mexico, Both the reasons for their concerns in matters of energy, and the possibility of legal action.

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“My team in the Office of the United States Trade Representative and I, along with many members of the US Government, have raised these concerns on a regular and direct basis with our counterparts in the Mexican government,” said Catherine Taye.

Complaints intensified against Mexico over energy

Through letters sent by members of Congress and members of the United States Senate to the government of their country, it appeared that fuel companies have complained about him Suspension or cancellation of permits about fuel import to Mexico and its storage, in addition to the fact that they were also prohibited from operating their own facilities and that National Guard dominated them.

“President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, in effect nationalizing Mexico’s energy sector By closing the operations of foreign competitors to the state-owned company Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex)“,” US Congressman Clay Higgins, accused, in a letter addressed to Carolyn Maloney, chair of the US House Oversight and Reform Committee.

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The message, which was made public on March 19, also accused Suspension of the assets of North American companies of hydrocarbons.

“The Mexican National Guard has seized the assets of many US energy companies and has not given the companies any opportunity to reopen their illegally closed business operations,” Higgins said in his letter.

Similarly, Tai’s comments are consistent with what was recently mentioned by US Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar Who asked last week of Mexican deputies, in electrical repair Currently being discussed in union conference, Respecting electricity generation contracts applicable between the Mexican government and North American companies.

“I hope that we will get an outcome that will support this economic relationship between the United States and Mexico and that the contracts and agreements made over time between the companies that have invested will be respected,” Salazar said in his letter. Meeting with MPs on March 24.

((Information from Reforma newspaper)


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