US Visa: Who Doesn’t Need an Interview to Get It?

US Visa: Who Doesn’t Need an Interview to Get It?

A few days before the embassy The United States revealed in Mexicothat there will be some cases that It will not be necessary to go through the consular interview process in order to travel to the United States. Target Waiting times are reducedbut this applies Only for certain categories that can get this feature.

Who can request a visa interview waiver for the United States?

According to the US State Department, Consular officials may exempt first-time applicants or renewal applicants from the interview In the following cases:

  • Agricultural and non-agricultural seasonal workers (H-2 visas).
  • Students (F and M visas).
  • Academic exchange visitors (Academic J visas).
  • People in specialized occupations (H-1B visas).
  • Intern or Special Education Visitors (H-3 visas).
  • Persons transferred within the same company (L visas).
  • People of extraordinary ability or achievement (O visas).
  • Athletes, entertainers, and presenters (P visas).
  • participants in international cultural exchange programs (Q Visa); and eligible derivatives.
Exemption from the interview depends on each case. | Photo: private

of course, It should be borne in mind that consular officers will examine each case individually In the aforementioned, A personal consular interview may be necessary if the authority deems it so.

How long will exemption from the consular interview be possible?

The State Department noted this This measure will be in effect until December 31, 2023.

Until when my visa expires, can I request interview waiver?

The authority confirmed this There is a period of up to 48 months after issuanceAnd It should also be in the same categoryi.e. if you plan to apply for a different classification visa, You may have to go through the personal consular interview process.

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