Women’s soccer team United State He won this Thursday with a 4-0 victory over Mexico, in a friendly match to prepare for the next match Tokyo Olympics 2020.

The match was played in Renschler Field Hartford was a great personality at the front christian printing press, who achieved a double as a leading figure in the attack of the stars and stripes team.

The United States took a 1-0 lead in the 21st minute when Sam Moyes opened the scoring after the Stars and Stripes had already had several chances to score.

Then the score reached 2-0 in the 39th minute, the press works, and the partial result went with both teams to rest.

The appeal had no more interest than seeing US dominance in all aspects of the game that would have reversed with 3-0, marked by veteran forward Tobin Heath who left everything doomed.

But it was still necessary for the press, in the 85th minute, to achieve the final 4-0 and the second goal of the match at his personal expense.

Next Monday, July 5, the two teams will play another Olympic preparatory friendly match scheduled on the same stage.

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