Vasco Aguirre regains the painful defeat of Mexico against the United States in Korea and Japan 2002

Vasco Aguirre regains the painful defeat of Mexico against the United States in Korea and Japan 2002

Javier Aguirre qualified for the World Cup twice for the Mexican national team, This makes him one of the best coaches in the history of Mexican football. On Thursday he spoke about his time with Tricolor in the two stages, highlighting the agonizing defeat to the United States in Korea and Japan 2002 when they fell 2-0 They were excluded from the duel.

“We beat Croatia, who finished third in the previous World Cup, we also beat Ecuador and drew 1-1 with Italy after a long 1-0 lead. We were the group champions and faced the United States in the round of 16. We were the favourites, but that day we got into the match badly and they left us out of the game,” Comment on Okay.

After the 2002 World Cup, Vasco returned to El Tree for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa: “We finished second in the group and played Argentina. Tvez scored a goal for us because of offside and then we conceded 2-0 because of a defensive error, but we played really well. Note that in the break I told the players that I was proud and that we should continue like this. It can’t be in the end, but I think Mexico was at the peak of that World Cup.”

Aguirre has not only directed Mexico’s national teams, but also And also for Egypt and Japan, so this is what he said about his experience on the bench for both teams.

“I was very curious what happened to me there, They asked me to prepare calmly for the World Cup in Qatar because they will not give importance to the African Cup that is being held in Cameroon, and that is what I did. She began to form a young team with a four-year plan, but it so happened that they took the field from Cameroon and gave it to Egypt. So they told us they had to win the African Cup and that was impossible, we had so little time and the team was very young. We got through the group stage well, but then South Africa knocked us out and it all came together because they kicked us out, But also for all managers. This is how it went, because they will not even go to Qatar. ”

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