Veron and “Baby” Sanchez concluded their science conference

Veron and “Baby” Sanchez concluded their science conference

Juan Sebastian Veron and Juan Ignacio “Baby” Sanchez gave a luxurious closure “Science Applied to Sports Session” was held this Thursday at UNO and was attended by nearly 800 participants.

The former Libertadores 2009 winning captain and current club vice president, as well as the 2004 Athens Olympics champion with the national basketball team, spoke about “player training and future challenges.”

Referring to current sports and science, Sanchez emphasized that “Today we are crossed by a lot of tools. Science crosses us as athletes. There comes a point where the player is left at the mercy of the language and logic of the game that is not necessarily expressed by whoever does it. The debate is the player as an artist or the player as a robot.”

“Game is an art. We see more and more organized things and less art. And those who succeed in integrating the art with the science we have, is where the magic comes into play and one sees great teams. The information should help make the game the best player.”

For his part, Veron confirmed this before “The player has decided beyond what the coach asked you, the player knows where to go, we didn’t have much information. Today the role of the team is more important than it was before because of the tools available. The player you have to feed him. The player has to make mistakes. to learn.”

“The club today is the last containment barrier for boys, and it is a pity that it is not being promoted or invested so that clubs can have more boys, not just in football. The club today is containment, boys with problems reaching back and looking for a hug, word , if you want, you can reverse complex situations, especially with the young ones. What we’re looking for is to change the athlete’s life. And once he stops playing, because not everyone reaches the limit, they take something like education, they finish high school to give an example”, The most prominent white-haired former player.

In this way, an intense and fruitful day ended in which Estudiantes de La Plata and Vélez came together to share their knowledge and experience in sports and science, in an exceptional setting like the UNO Stadium.

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