video. A two-meter-long shark jumps on a yacht, causing panic among the crew

video.  A two-meter-long shark jumps on a yacht, causing panic among the crew

An unusual situation occurred off the coast of the state of Maine in the north of the United States, when a The shark got on a boat and scared the crew. The animal was subsequently measured and declared to be 2.1 meters long.

The event took place at the end of August this year, but it hardly went viral this week. A fisherman recorded a moment shark jump And post it on their social media.

The men were on a fishing boat 20 miles from the United States. In these waters there is a large presence of sharks, so they are already accustomed to hunting these animals Classification and investigation.

But they didn’t expect someone to pounce on them after eating the bait. The shark jumped on the deck of the boat and frightened everyone, who immediately ran to hide. The animal attack hit a crew member’s face and knocked him to the ground.

David Sinclair, owner of Sea Ventures Charters, as the fishing company is called, was on the boat at the time. Al-Sayyad explained what happened in an interview with the “Sacramento Bee” portal.

We hunted as routinely as we usually do. We used bait in the water with bits of terrestrial fish and got the sharks to come into the boat, but we didn’t think they would jump that way. “The horror was great,” Sinclair said.

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The crew revealed that after the terrifying moment, they took the animal to make some observations. They measured it and made it the mako shark, the fastest in the world. After that they returned him to the sea and continued their work in fishing.

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