videos | Movie heist: Thieves take 6 luxury cars in less than a minute

videos |  Movie heist: Thieves take 6 luxury cars in less than a minute

Thieves are increasingly successful in committing crimes, and some have become experts in this field and love a movie that they thoroughly analyze and study. The method of work with which they will act later carrying out the theft. This was how a group of topics They stole six carsincluding two deluxe car agency.

According to a video broadcast by social networks and information from local media, six Dodge Challenger Hellcats New cars were stolen from a Kentucky dealership in the US unnoticed and people left with a millionaire riot, because every car was worth 95 thousand dollars.

It was about two o’clock in the morning on Tuesday, March 7, when many of the men covered their facesNo dark clothes Don Franklin’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep got into Somerset and calmly pulled into a car GalleryWhere the cars were parked 4 vehicles stolen Because keys were attached to each car, the thieves later left at full speed and also took two more the outside.

According to the agency manager, the cars had a total value of 600 thousand dollars They searched for other car keys within the agencyafter they entered through the back door of the garageHe emphasized that individuals know how their security system works, because they know how to get in and out without problems.

It is believed that there were at least 7 thieves who managed to break into the vehicles 40 secondssince the alarm starts beeping 60 seconds after it is activated, so they escape only 20 seconds before it is activated

Five cars were recovered

Fortunately, after a robbery that was something out of a movie, the authorities And then recovered five of vehiclesOne was found on the side of a road and apparently ran out of gas, two others were found around Kentucky, and one was found in Tennessee and another in Alabama and Sixth car Not found yet.

Luxury cars have been restored thanks to its location GPSHowever, no one Hellcats Recovering it would likely be a complete loss.

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