Roger Gonzalez declared himself gay? This is what was predicted

Roger Gonzalez declared himself gay?  This is what was predicted

Roger Gonzalez He was one of the hosts of the show “Venga la Alegría”, but since leaving the show he has spent his time traveling, which is why he constantly shares photos on his social networks.

Driver is currently touring the UK on what he calls a buddy trip, so he’s been taking pictures at various places in that area.

However, a few hours ago, Roger Gonzalez posted a strange photo on his official Twitter account, with many saying that it was his way of announcing his sexuality and publicly declaring himself openly gay.

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Roger Gonzalez fans are telling him to come out clearly from the closet

The photo that Roger Gonzalez uploaded to his Twitter account shows his leg on top of another man, and he wrote the following: “Body language. Sometimes you don’t need to say it with words.”

Immediately, his followers and other users of the Blue Bird social network questioned him if he had come out of the closet, many claiming they already knew and that he shouldn’t have hidden it.

Instead, other users have sent him some memes alluding to his sexuality and asking him to be more clear about it.

And in case you were wondering who Roger Gonzalez’s potential boyfriend could be, or at least who the other leg in the photo belongs to, you can see that he has brown skin.

On the TV Notas portal, in addition to other comments tweeted by users, they speculated that Ismail Chu, with whom he has been romantically involved since 2020, and if this is true, both of them will have been in a relationship already for three years.

At the moment, neither Roger González nor Ismail Chu has clarified anything, in fact, the former host of “Venga la Alegría” has continued to share photos of his trip to the United Kingdom.

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