It’s because of this Will Smith’s massive anger at Netflix

It’s because of this Will Smith’s massive anger at Netflix

In these past few weeks, will Smith It has been the subject of various titles. To a large extent, due to the new results in his career. Despite the consequences he had to accept after his controversial episode last year, he has continued with some film projects. It continues under the watchful eyes of the public and the great personalities of the media and the press. What would happen if he returned to the major incident he starred in at the Oscars? Is there anything else you want to say? The fact is that the actor has tremendous ability Anger at Netflix. Old wounds are open.

You may be wondering what happened will Smith After being banned for 10 years from the Academy Awards and those associated with the Academy. His resignation from the Academy seemed like the end of his stardom. But this is no longer the only thing that is said about him, who in recent months has devoted himself to a film project and the next one will soon be released. Release It has been awarded and is the reason for its return to some awards. On the other hand, the sequel to I Am Legend It is already in operation. Although what is new and controversial is Anger at Netflix.

A few days before the 2023 Oscars, it was inevitable that the events of the previous edition would be relived. The one where the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air slapped Chris Rock for mocking vixen Jada Pinkett Smith. next to, Rock talked about it and translator Bad boys already answered.

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Netflix’s Will Smith gets upset over Chris Rock’s monologue

The comedian has been talking for months about the slap Smith gave him at the most important celebration in cinema. Especially in the various shows he did on his US tour. However, the alarms then went off A situation appeared on Netflix The comedian made jokes about his family and the incident. This was too bad for the Oscar winner.

A source close to the actor acted as a spokesperson in an interview with Entertainment tonight. According to this informant, the rapper is Ashamed and hurt For everything Rock said, referring to him and his loved ones on the Netflix stream. Apparently, he did not have the opportunity to see him, but those close to him were going to tell him the details of the event. In addition, there are some summaries on the nets and comments that he saw himself.

He’s very upset with Netflix For giving Chris Rock a platform to share these types of messages. “You think it’s disrespectful behaviour,” said a Department of Defense spokesperson. In this sense, he is considered to have apologized and regretted it to the point of nausea. Therefore, he is convinced that the time has come to leave the matter behind and that there is no need to continue insulting his wife.

According to an individual in Chris Rock’s circle, this would be the last time he would broach a topic will Smith. Yes, whopper Anger at Netflix It probably won’t go away so quickly.

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