They asked for 6 years in exchange for ten accused of illegal immigration of Africans in Europe – Spain

They asked for 6 years in exchange for ten accused of illegal immigration of Africans in Europe – Spain

In its provisional conclusions, the Public Prosecutor’s Office requests six and a half years’ imprisonment for ten alleged members of a gang that transported African nationals who entered Spain irregularly under the guidance of international networks to various European countries in exchange for large sums of money.

On Tuesday, the Madrid Regional Court referred to the trial in this case, among which the defendants are responsible for a non-governmental organization whose center was in the city of Ambet, Madrid, and which, since 2014, has been involved in a program of humanitarian aid for migrants in an irregular situation. Supported by the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance and the owner of a bus company.

The Public Prosecution Office maintains that, since at least 2015, one of the accused, the IGM, has been dedicated to receiving and transporting African nationals to other countries of the Schengen Area who entered Spain irregularly after making a journey from their countries of origin, the Costa d’Ivory, Guinea Conakry, Niger, Uganda , Guinea-Bissau, among others.

The victims were directed to Spain by international criminal networks in exchange for large sums of money and forced passage from North Africa to the Spanish coasts in small boats and other perilous means of navigation.

Once in Spain, when they were already in Temporary Residence Centers (CETI) or in Foreign Detention Centers (CIE), the victims contacted the IGM, whose phone number was provided to them on some occasions by contacts they had in Morocco. And in other countries in CETIS and CIES themselves by their own citizens.

They approached him so that he would provide them with the means to reach their final destinations (particularly France, Belgium and Germany) despite their irregular stay in Spain.

The IGM, which centered its operations in Madrid, gave them instructions about payments to follow and placed them on different floors until they were given bus tickets to travel to their final destinations in Europe.

In addition, he told them that, if they were arrested at the border between Spain and France, as soon as they were released, they should contact him or his aides by telephone so that they could indicate the steps to be taken to achieve their ultimate goal, which was the investigation of a large number of cases. Occasions.

In these operations, the IGM had three collaborators who contacted a bus company whose owner was also the FVC defendant.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office highlights that IGM used that company to publicize an “ongoing” activity to transport illegal immigrants from Madrid to various cities in France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

He adds that the FVC was fully aware of the completion of these trips thanks to his company, and prefers the absence of control over the documentation of travelers by drivers to increase the economic benefit given the frequency and regularity of these trips for at least 2015. And in 2016, a large number of migrants successfully crossed the French border.

Part of the migrants in an irregular situation who were transported on buses came from an NGO that participated in the Ambet Reception and Assistance Program for irregular migrants who were sent from CETI centers in Ceuta and Melilla, CIES and police stations, forcing them to adhere to the NGO government. For your comprehensive reception (accommodation, maintenance and coverage of your basic needs).

In addition to providing them with some simple social tools (promoting language learning, training and orientation) and at the time of their departure, help them with an economic sum or with the means to travel to the place where they can have some contact or relationship but always within Spain when dealing with migrants in an irregular situation.

However, those in charge of the non-governmental organization decided to promote the continuation of the irregular migration of these people towards the aforementioned European countries.

To do this, they provided the migrants with bus tickets for excursions with the FVC company, on which they traveled without documents, according to the prosecutor’s office always.

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