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Mexican tiktoker The virus has spread On Social media By revealing to his millions of followers how much he cleans homes in it United State. Her name is Vanessa Amaro and her advice on how to make your home sparkle has made her a celebrity on multiple social networks.

How much will I earn? My mother taught me that this question is off the table, but hey, my curiosity here goes. ”To start the video, he says it’s become a trend to the point of over 4 million views on TikTok.

He explains that cleaning small apartments earns about $ 70, but he also works in mansions, where he can earn up to $ 800. If it’s a big house, it only cleans one a day, but generally works around 4 “normal” a day.

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For those mid-sized homes, he makes between $ 120 and $ 170, so, on average, he makes $ 500 a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less, Dice.

“If you live anywhere other than the United States and that number seems crazy to you, I understand you. Simply here you pay a lot for cleaning the house.”, finish.

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