Washington DC school shooting: At least three injured, police reported

Police station Washington The capital, the United States, reported three wounded And then arrested shooting At school. Photo: Reuters.

Police station Washington The capital, the capital of the United States, reported three wounded And arrested after a shooting On the Edmund Burke High School; The number of affected can Increase in the next few hours, the authority said.

armed man An African American youth shot in the vicinity from school Washington DC, based on Connecticut Avenue NW; Pictures and videos of witnesses shooting Show emergency vehicles to attendees wounded.

shooting at Washington Capital

  • People took cover behind cars and infrastructure
  • There is no information on the health status of those affected

A witness told local television station WUSA-TV that he heard rapid gunfire that lasted about a minute, and I watched a woman run out of a building, followed by another Citizens who appeared wounded in it shooting.

The wounded Two men and a woman, while the police Washington Capital urged residents in the vicinity shooting for asylum He warned of a large police presence in the area. The local university, near Edmund Burke, closed its facilities.

at least three wounded

  • Videos showed police officers escorting the suspect
  • He was wearing black clothes and a T-shirt with a picture on it Mona Lisa

police Washington Capital The mode is described as active, so the search will continue for shooters and observing the area for the next few hours; The shooting who have left at least three wounded It was reported that at about 4:00 pm from the US capital.

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