What does the world draw in RAE?

What does the world draw in RAE?

It will soon be an election year as a member of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), and this Sunday, October 9, I meet the requirements Read a letter and definitely enter the institution. During those days of December 2021, after the affirmative vote in RAE, some people reacted by surprise: What is the world doing in RAE? That’s what they told me, without breaking the words. Others thought so, judging by their microseconds of silence after hearing the news. I do not at all want these words to be understood as a negative criticism of these people, for I have thought of them many times: But what shall I draw among these wise men of the world of letters?

If I ask myself this question, it is because my idea of ​​RAE was similar to that of most people. Could we be wrong? From an early age and In some school education courses They classify us in the field of science or in the field of letters.

Once you have chosen the path, you will have to take those subjects that suit you because of the early selection. The split between flag and lettering was reinforced in the 19th century, but it can be followed to classical antiquity. Of course, there are differences between the two fields. Science aspires to predict outcomes, as well as establish laws and principles, while a scholar of literature seeks to find trends in human events and understand social processes in highly changing contexts.

It would be very interesting to delve into the need to always unite these two ways of moving forward in our lives, let’s be a part of tribe or other. In the end, sciences and letters constitute fields of knowledge for man, so where is the difference?

[la cultura, “una ventaja evolutiva”]

We approach knowledge by following different paths and we all try to get closer to reality. We study and later learn our knowledge through Language and written words, which is a very complex system in which genes and various parts of the neocortex, speech apparatus and auditory system are involved. And all of this is seasoned by what we call “symbolic thought”. Language and letters are the first thing we must learn, let us then devote our lives to molecular biology, medicine, literature, law or economics. But the letters and words will always be before everything that comes next.

Language and letters are the first thing we must learn, then let us devote our lives to molecular biology, medicine, literature, law or economics

More advanced societies use an increasingly rich and diverse vocabulary, with words derived from scientific practice being used with great frequency in The media.

It is not necessary for all humans to know the technical terms that, as a coded language, is used so that a few hundred people – who are specialists in a particular scientific field – can understand each other. But the practice of science is gradually left string of words that are not lost over time and that end up in the common domain.

These terms should be part of our vocabulary. The bad thing is that these Words are not always well defined or lose its meaning. And this is where scientists can put a grain of sand. Nobody is essential, but when asked to do so you should contribute, even if only in a modest way.

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