WhatsApp has just launched a new search function in the Settings section – Enseñame de Ciencia

WhatsApp has just launched a new search function in the Settings section – Enseñame de Ciencia
WhatsApp has just launched a new search feature in the Settings section.

We know that WhatsApp is the star messaging app and hence it is constantly adding features to improve the user experience. Today we have a novelty that will make it easier for many, saving time. what is the news? Well, it turns out that WhatsApp has just released a tool that allows you to filter options using a search tool in Settings, available to some lucky ones in beta.

According to WABetaInfo, Both the WhatsApp beta update for iOS, and the latest WhatsApp beta update for Android available on the Google Play Store, bring a new feature that has been released to some beta testers: “The ability to filter app settings using the search bar. This functionality will make It is easy to find a specific option.

As you can see in the screenshot, a search bubble will simply appear, in which you will just enter the name and it will take you directly to the desired option.

Credit: WABetaInfo.
WhatsApp is also working on a message search filter

As reported by WABetaInfoWhatsApp beta update for iOS WhatsApp has been working on a new feature in development: the ability to search messages by date. This is something many have been waiting for since, thanks to this feature, it will be easier for users to go to a specific date within a conversation.

This feature was under development in 2020, but was recently redeveloped by the social media company. After the long wait, some beta testers can finally use this feature in their chats and groups after the recent WhatsApp iOS beta update on TestFlight app.

As seen in WABetaInfo screenshot Below is a sample of using the search function in a conversation The calendar icon must appear. When you click on search and this icon appears, it means that the function has been activated for your WhatsApp account. If the calendar icon does not appear, do not worry, it will be released to more users later and at the end of the article we will tell you how to receive it early.

Credit: WABetaInfo.

In short, this feature will allow you to go to an appointment to see what messages have been shared in a particular conversation. And that’s not all, and you can even skip to the first message, so you don’t have to scroll countless times to find the one you want.

Finally, it should be noted that this new functionality providing the ability to search messages by date has been released to some lucky beta testers after installing the latest TestFlight beta update and is rolling out to more users in the coming weeks. It will definitely be available to everyone in the future, but what you can do for now is to wait or switch to the beta version of WhatsApp.

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