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Partners around the world 2_ When does the show with Pancho Saavedra and Jorge Zabaleta premiere?

Partners around the world 2_ When does the show with Pancho Saavedra and Jorge Zabaleta premiere?

he is coming! Over the next month, Channel 13 will see many premieres, and among the most anticipated is the second season of Partners around the world.

This will be presented again by Jorge Zabaleta and Pancho Saavedra, who will visit different cultures on a long journey.

What will the new installment consist of?

Partners around the world 2 The first will be shown on Thursday, March 9 after Tele 13 Central, and promises more stories, anecdotes, adventures and laughter.

Zabaleta and Saavedra will travel through some places in Thailand, Japan, India and Uganda, showing viewers their adventures and misadventures.

about him Next premierePancho Saavedra described: “It was 79 days of traveling with my friend Jorge Zabaleta through those four wonderful countries. We visit very different cultures on an intense and fun journey that will show the adventures of two friends.”

According to Channel 13, the second season will consist of a “journey during which they visit different destinations that will captivate viewers through the perspective of two friends visiting these places for the first time.”

“Among these countries, Jorge and Pancho will reveal facts about history, gastronomy and culture and all this accompanied by fun moments of action and laughter,” says the program description.

It must be remembered that the first chapters of Partners around the world It was broadcast at the beginning of 2022 and the presenters have toured such wonderful countries as Morocco, Spain, Italy and Egypt.

Another great show of the channel

On the other hand, the second season of I will go look for you It will premiere on Saturday, March 4, in prime time.

This program will also be hosted by Pancho Saavedra, who will interview older men and women about their personal and professional lives.

The guests will be well-known people from the world of entertainment, culture, sports and politics.

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