He meets Ricardo Amador at the World Cross Country Championships – El Sol de San Luis

He meets Ricardo Amador at the World Cross Country Championships – El Sol de San Luis

Yahir Ricardo Amador of Potosi made a secret entry at the 44th edition of the World Cross Country Championships (Cross Country) based in Bathurst, Australia, placing 55th out of 64 competitors.

The event was completely dominated by African athletes, who better adapted to the weather conditions and the road that took place cross-country with slight ups and downs in areas of grass, dirt and mud, including the area of ​​fast curves, slalom type.

The athlete from San Luis Potosi, member of the RG Canel AVCO team led by Aníbal de Regil, along with two other Mexicans, participated in the 8 km Sub-20 class event.

Roberto Castro was the best of the three in 46th place, with a time of 27 minutes 33 seconds. In 51st place is Marc López with 27:50, and in 56th is Ricardo Amador with a time of 28 minutes 36 seconds.

A total of 64 athletes participated, of whom 60 crossed the finish line and four withdrew. The champion was Ismail Kipkoroi from Kenya with a time of 24:29, the second was Reynold Kipkore Cheruiyot from Kenya with a time of 24:30, and the third was Buky Darba from Ethiopia with a time of 24:31.

Another Mexican who competed at the World Cup, Guanajuato player Laura Galván, who was the highlight, finished 27th out of 51 competitors in the women’s 10 km freestyle. His time was 36 minutes 01 seconds. The top three places were: Beatrice Shebet, Kenya, 33:48, champion; Tsegel Gebreselama, Ethiopia, 33:56, second place; Agnes Gebet Ngetich, Kenya, 34:00, third place.

In the men’s 10 km freestyle event, three Mexicans competed, Marcelo Laguerre in 51st place with a time of 32:35, Roberto Del Valle in 75th place with a time of 34:01 and Gonzalo Cruz in 80th place with a time of 34:12. Test Champion Jacob Kiplimo from Uganda with a time 29:17.


  • Guanajuatense Laura Galván was the most outstanding for Mexico in 27th place from the 10K

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