Where do Afghan refugees go? The countries that receive them


Madrid and Washington have reached an agreement to receive the Moron and Rota military bases “with a maximum of 4,000 Afghans and for a period of 15 days,” Robles told reporters at the Torrejon de Ardoz air base, northeast of Madrid, after receiving the plane. airline.

Spain uses military planes to transport the exiles from Kabul to Dubai, where chartered commercial planes wait for them to bring them to Madrid.

The military bases of Rota and Moron are in Andalusia, in the south, and are for joint Spanish-American use.

On Monday, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio announced that his country would host 2,500 Afghan refugees.

Di Maio stated that “the plan is to move about 2,500” people from Afghanistan to Italy Corriere de la Sierra. The demand for hosting refugees and migrants of Afghan origin is expected to increase. It is necessary and urgent to develop a joint response with the European Union,

So far, Italy has evacuated 3,959 former Afghan collaborators and their families, including 1,004 children and 921 women. In addition, this group includes 14 children with disabilities from the “Pro Bambini” association in Kabul.

America and refugees

As we have explained, the United States has reached agreements with several countries to receive refugees. The country already grants special visas to Afghans who were its allies during the US occupation.

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