Uganda: Ugandan police double security measures before Bobby Wayne appears after his release


MADRID, November 21 (European press) –

The Ugandan army carried out a large security deployment in front of the opposition party headquarters from the National Unity Platform, in Kamokia district (in the capital Kampala), before the expected appearance of the presidential candidate. , Robert Kiagulani – better known by his stage name of singer Bobby Wayne -; The first was in front of the media after his release Friday by the security forces, and amid an atmosphere of high tension in the African country.

A court released the candidate on bail after his arrest on Wednesday sparked a wave of protests across the country that has so far left at least 49 people dead.

Kyajulani will also participate in an organized prayer to thank God for his release from prison, a time considered by security forces to be the most dangerous of the day.

For this reason, according to the newspaper “New Vision”, the army deployed mamba (armored vehicles) in the streets, backed by heavily armed security personnel, including the army, riot police and local defense units (LDU). .).

The arrest came just hours after police issued a statement warning candidates about violating COVID-19 rules, in a decision that NGOs such as Human Rights Watch described as an “excuse” for authorities to get rid of dissent.

Chaos erupted when Kyogulani supporters gathered in different parts of the country, chanting Wayne’s name and setting fire to the roads. In response, the police fired tear gas and live bullets to disperse them.

In recent years, Bobby Wayne has become the main opposition figure to the president, Yoweri Museveni, taking advantage of the strong attraction among the country’s youth, where the average age is under 16.

A deputy since 2017, arrested on several occasions, while his concerts were banned and his political actions dispersed with tear gas. On the occasion, he joined forces with former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye to try to defeat the president.

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