Who is the influential Mr. Best who built water wells in Africa? – Finance

Who is the influential Mr. Best who built water wells in Africa?  – Finance

I like helping people because it makes me happy“, he once confirmed to the influencer MrBeast known for his videos in which he made dynamics in which some people took large sums of money.

MrBeast, his real name is Jimmy Donaldsonis a content creator originally from the United States and has several YouTube channels, one of which is known as Charity monster Which supports some social causes.

On November 4, MrBeast shared a video in which he revealed that he will build about 100 water wells in Africa, without any kind of fees, which is what they expect. Supplying this liquid to more than 500 thousand people In countries such as Kenya, Cameroon, Zimbabwe and Uganda.

Although this action sparked controversy on social media, it is not the first time content creator Jimmy Donaldson has taken it Make a video like this.

How did MrBeast start?

Donaldson is an influencer originally from Kansas, United States, born in 1998. Since I was 11 years old He has dedicated himself to creating content for YouTube.

In a conversation with Joe Rogan’s podcast, MrBeast revealed that he originally did not receive any type of financial reward for his content: “The first few years I wasn’t even making moneyBut once YouTube paid me $1, I started saving up to invest in it.

In that conversation, MrBeast revealed that his first video when he was 11 years old was with a game called Battle Pirates! in which Reveal the person who managed to hack The game that achieved thousands of views and encouraged him to continue creating content:

“The first video I created was a video game in which a hacker killed my character… It got about 20 thousand views“.

Although he originally made videos playing video games like Minecraft and Call of Duty, in January 2017 he posted a clip in which he is sitting in front of To a camera of up to 100 thousandWhich led to it receiving more than a million likes.

“It was and then it became I realized that if I did interesting things“People will see me,” MrBeast commented in an interview with People. CNN. After that video arrived, the influencer continued to explore other similar topics, such as reading all the words in the English dictionary.

After those videos, his popularity increased, allowing him to develop into other types of content such as pranks on his friends, competitions, and Even giving money to people.

What companies does MrBeast own?

In addition to his main YouTube channel, MrBeast has four channels, one of which is a backup, specializing in video game topics, charity and… Reactions to all types of content.

She has too Your website He sells merchandise such as T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, jackets, mugs and mobile phone cases bearing his channel’s logo, which features a blue feline animal with a purple lightning bolt.

In 2020, the content creator opened Your dark kitchen works It’s called MrBeast Burger and serves burgers and fries in various countries, including Mexico City.

Two years later, he launched his company The brand of chocolate products is called Providing sweets on holidays With ingredients like nuts and biscuits.

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