Who We Are – News – World Cup Winners and the Wonder Woman Title Episode 5

Who We Are – News – World Cup Winners and the Wonder Woman Title Episode 5
  • Episode 5 of the FIFA Living Football Podcast is now available
  • Former Uganda defender Jan Sinde tells her amazing story
  • Yuri Dzhovkayev and Patrick Vieira also appeared

Lt. Col. Reshmin Chowdhury joins former Ugandan defender Jan Sinende this week, as he tells an incredible story of fighting prejudice to develop women’s football in South Sudan.

Jane grew up in Uganda, and moved to London when she was only 17 years old. I played for Charlton (Women’s Soccer Sports Club), London Phoenix Ladies, Crystal Palace LFC and Queens Park Rangers WFC, in addition to the Ugandan national team. Meanwhile, off the field, he was running his own football establishment.

Football means all of my life to me, because everything in my life since I was little until now revolves around football. So football is my life.

Jan Sinende

Most recently, Jane has led the development of women’s soccer in the South Sudan Football Association.

In Episode 5, French legend Yuri Djorkaev appears, speaking about his ambitions as CEO of FIFA, while Patrick Vieira talks about a victory Hemorrhage At the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

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