Why do Barcelona and Emelec carry out their pre-seasons abroad?

Why do Barcelona and Emelec carry out their pre-seasons abroad?

Part of the Emelec team carrying out pre-season in Córdoba, Argentina. Photo: Emelec

They made it a tradition. Reasons Barcelona and Emelec They’ve been held overseas for 13 years, with generally positive results for Guayaquil teams.

The preparatory work that precedes the start of official competitions is necessary to prepare clubs. In this sense, both Barcelona and Emelec are betting on A Intensive preparation outside the region Ecuadorian.

The first to do so was Emelec

When Omar al-Assad took over Technical direction in 2011. That year the Electricians performed a pre-season in Argentina and at the end of the season they achieved runner-up after losing to Deportivo Quito in the final.

Chose the board of directors of Emelec Argentine cas a venue for pre-seasons until 2016. Between 2017 and 2018 the work was carried out in Montevideo, Uruguaywhile in 2019 Colombia and 2020 in Spain; In 2021 and 2022 they stayed in Guayaquil and this year they returned to Gaucho territory.

During those years, Emelec managed to win Four national championships. The results were encouraging and this motivated the managers to maintain the initiative.

Barcelona followed suit

Yellow adopted this initiative for the year 2015, When Robyn Israel was the DT for the team and they went for it Argentina. His pre-season trips abroad were less consistent than Emelec’s.

They left Ecuador again for their seasons in 2017 and 2018, when they went to United State. For 2019 they moved to Uruguay This was the last time they left Ecuador to perform before official competitions until 2023, when they returned to North American territory.

Reasons for leaving the country

climate and courts

Guayaquil Strong resistance Precipitation falls during the first months of the year (January, February, March), which complicates movement in the city and the good condition of the training grounds on natural turf.

Barcelona and Emelec seek to avoid these circumstances and that is why they are moving away from Guayaquil. Although the yellows did not always leave the country, they generally sought out other national sites before the start of the season, such as Esmeraldas, Manta or Quito.

economic capacity

Barcelona and Emelec, though Your passive millionairesThey enjoy the support of sponsors. This allows them to implement the budget in which departure from the country is considered due to the pre-competition preparation.

With an average of $12 million USD over the aforementioned years, teams have the financial capacity to pay for travel and accommodation for teams made up of Up to 30 people in hotels Convenient and high standard training centers.

International exhibition

Both Barcelona and Emelec take advantage of this international residency to strengthen their international presence and contacts with clubs abroad. Bullfighters, for example, feuded on two occasions over Florida Cup in the united states.

Emelec, for his part, rubs shoulders European teams When in Spain led by Ismael Riscalvo.

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