Will there be changes to the squad against the United States?

Will there be changes to the squad against the United States?

After the match against Granada, Hugo Perez so is art Device Draw conclusions. The national coach said in his recent statements that after analyzing the last match he can make adjustments to the squad for the last fencing of the year in. League of Nations against the United States on Tuesday in Cuscatlan.

“There are likely to be changes,” said the national strategist, adding that there was still time, but that he would look among his pieces for those who are the best for a competitor who will not forgive. “There are three days left for this match and now we are analyzing who can participate and we will not know until the day of the match”, Perez explained.

“It is an important commitment because we want to win at home for our people and we were almost qualified for the Gold Cup and it would be great to win and get to March with the possibility of being in the quarter-finals,” the coach said regarding how they got into the game against the United States.
He added that it will not be easy: “On Tuesday, we have to raise the limit to be consistent on that day and defeat them.”

There was a lot of talk about the mistakes made last Tuesday against Granada. Hugo Pérez said the entire team has been self-critical of the performances they left and the good and bad things to be rectified in the toughest of the group duel.

“We didn’t play well and I won’t hide it. They know and we’ve already seen the video, we criticize ourselves and there are things I liked. The players are responsible and they know we didn’t play well on Tuesday.”Hugo Perez concluded.

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