La Jornada Maya – Dino Safari, Jurassic Tour of the United States: Showroom

La Jornada Maya – Dino Safari, Jurassic Tour of the United States: Showroom

All over the world there are many dinosaur theme parks just like the recently opened Jurassic Trail in Chicxulub, Progreso; In the United States, there is the Dino Safari, a similar experiment with replicas of extinct animals.

Photos: Dino Safari

You can even get to tour a site with more than 20 giant dinosaurs, some of which have sound and movement that interact with visitors.

For 40 minutes, people will be able to learn about dinosaurs found all over the world, from the T-Rex in North America to the Spinosaurus in Africa.

Dino Safari explains the evolution of dinosaurs over time, the places they lived, the food they ate, their behavior and the latest discoveries made by paleontologists.

The park offers a fossil experience as well as interactive games.

The official page reads: “Discover the ancient fossils, see how they match up with the huge T. rex and compete with the Raptor.”

Entry costs $15-$25, about 300-500 pesos, and Dino Safari supposes it’s an attraction for all ages because it’s a non-scary experience and provides science information for adults of all ages.

This theme park is available in Atlanta, Boston, and Miami, and only the military, teachers, and medical personnel receive a discount for entry.

In this link you can see video From the experience of Dino Safari.

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