With many new arrivals, England beat the United States 43-29


England decisively defeated the United States 43-29 in their first test match through the international window in July. The next day, Las Aguilas will meet Ireland, while La Rosa will host Canada. In their prime, Marcus Smith and Harry Randall excelled as a media couple.

England did not feel the absence of its characters against the United States. ten minutes ago, Sam Underhill He supported the first attempt of the match. Despite this, bad news hit the English and it was an injury Max Mallins He had to leave court early. Later, Olly Lawrence Diversion of another invasion, followed by a weakness Joe Kukanasega. La Rosa attacked exceptionally without much of a problem during the first half although the Americans suggested a strong defense, but they could not keep it against England.

In the supplementary phase, the English took their feet off the gas, giving more play to the Americans. In this way they were encouraged and reached the neighbor two minutes after the start, Jameson Fananna Schultz He will make the first attempt in the match for the visiting team. after the english error, glass filling He used it to contribute his expertise and add the second conquest of the United States.

In the same way, the group directed by Eddie Jones did not give up. Harry Randall and Marcus SmithThe new media couple took the reins of the game and once put the ball on the opposing rovers. Towards the end of the match, Las Killas managed to continue the opponent Hanko Germishuis and Christian Dyer That judged the score at 43-29 at the symbolic Twickenham, who was once again lavishly dressed to greet the spectators again.

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