So you can pay off your credit from us


The credits From the National Housing Fund Institute for Workers (InfoviteAllow workers to agree to build or buy a home, as well as the possibility of its expansion or repair.

It is important to stress that the amount of these depends, to a large extent, on the salary you receive and the weeks contributed by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

Likewise, the Agency offers multiple tools to the beneficiaries in order to facilitate payment methods. So we tell you here How to pay your Infonavit balance from the US.

How do I pay my Infonavit balance from the US?

Mexicans who live in the country of the Stars and Stripes can pay their balance through money transfer companies such as Dolex, Maxitransfers or Express Exchange.

When visiting these branches, the Infonavit member must provide the credit number and deposit the corresponding amount. It is important to clarify that the commissions for receiving the money they charge you are absorbed by Infonavit.

Remember that it is important to know your debt capacity and your personal finances before taking on this type of debt. In the event that you are a delinquent person, it will affect your credit history and the possibility of obtaining new credits and loans in the future.

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