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The electronic device that in human history has reached the highest level of use is the cell phone. At the moment, humans have so much information stored on this device and we use it for so many tasks that losing it becomes a tragedy.

We’ve all experienced anguish and despair when we can’t locate our cell phone where we think we left it; We even call for help so that someone tries to call our number (which, because of anxiety, our sanity betrays us and we don’t remember it accurately) so that it is easy to locate it with the sound of the call.

This behavior is normal due to the excessive use we give our cell phone. The problem occurs if your hands are sweating when you don’t have an internet signal, or if there is excessive anxiety when you realize you forgot your cell phone at home or if your heart races when you see that the battery sign has reached its maximum. ; Then you could have a serious problem of addiction and dependence.

This addiction is called Nomophobia It is defined as the irrational fear of not having a mobile phone or being disconnected from the Internet, and this symptom has increased in recent years as a result of the ease of obtaining a smartphone and its high visibility in social networks.

In this way, the irrational fear of spending a period of time without a mobile phone is invoked Nomophobia This term is an abbreviation of the English expression numbermobiliary phone-phobia.

In 2011 in the United Kingdom, the research that allowed the term to be coined, the British Post Office Royal Mail found that 53% of mobile phone users tend to feel anxious when they lose their mobile phone. In addition, the result of this study showed that the stress levels of the affected person Nomophobia They are linked to a nervous state you had the day before your wedding or dentist appointment.

People who exhibit this disorder generate disturbing levels of stress when the mobile phone is not in their hands or the device loses signal. Nomophobia Could it be:

  • Keep in mind that a mobile phone is your most valuable possession.
  • Allocate a large percentage of the income to the acquisition of a modern cell phone.
  • Spend a lot of money on a cell phone plan that ensures internet access at all times.
  • Develop an irrational fear of not having the phone in your hands.
  • Be constantly attentive to the cell phone to check if messages are received.
  • Limit the hours you sleep or eat to be aware of your cell phone’s social networking.
  • Never turn off your cell phone, wherever you are and without carrying what you are doing.
  • Face inconveniences such as headaches or stomachaches if the cell phone is old.

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