Woman studying over during live news in spain

Woman studying over during live news in spain

Live broadcast within a TV program Surprising situations are subject Uncontrollable due to the nature of the transmission. Something like that happened on the newscast antenna 3 newsIn Spain.

It turns out that news anchors, Matthias Bartas and Monica Carrillo went through rough times A moment during the live broadcast of a citizen’s newscast is in evidence in the middle of the national series By going topless by mistake.

the unexpected It happened last Saturday, April 1, when the drivers From the Spanish newscast from antenna 3 They established a direct link with one of their correspondents, who was on the beach in Vegas The Canary Islands report high temperatures Registered at the aforementioned beach before vacation arrival Easter holiday week.

situation that It happened live and no one could control it was for a woman who was captured At the exact moment when she was topless. A situation that cannot be broadcast on open TV. in the pictures It is shown that the woman realized after several minutes that the camera was Which is why she ran to grab a bikini top and cover herself up.

The woman didn’t realize that the TV camera was on the beach. | private

news anchors However, they did not say anything about it to viewers and netizens It was quite clear that this small omission would cause controversy in social networks, where They shared the video of the viral moment that surprised them The reporter and the clueless woman.


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