World Cup: unforgettable moments from fans around the world

World Cup: unforgettable moments from fans around the world

The Australian team has always been an underdog, but that means our best moments have often been against giants. Our 2014 encounter in Brazil with the Dutch center runner-up was no different. With one to zero against, the game was shaping up as a carnage. Then came an ambitious ball that crossed the area and somehow connected to the blessed left foot of Everton legend Tim Cahill, bounced off the crossbar and entered the goal. impossible. We were losing the game by five goals, but the coup was the kind that showed our courage. To this day, it is the best goal scored by an Australian player in the world Cup of football.


Japan’s first victoryStu Forster / Getty Images

Japan qualified for the World Cup Korea/Japan 2002

Written by: Akira Kamiya, Sports Editor, GQ Japan

The match against Russia during world Cup of football Japan and Korea 2002, it’s special. Japan qualified for the tournament for the first time in France 98, the country was excited, but despite the excitement the team lost all three matches. Doubts surrounded our team’s ability in 2002, but this match with Russia proved people wrong. The score was close at 1-0, but the Japanese took control and won. This was Japan’s first victory, television ratings reached 66.1%, an all-time record for football game He lives. The match started at 8:30 pm on Sunday, and it was a special night when all the people disappeared from the streets.


The day the absolute silence was brokenDavid Cannon / Getty Images

Golden Age, Golden Goal, Korea/Japan 2002

Written by: Furat Arslan, Sports Contributor, GQ Turkey

It’s noon in Turkey, life is stalled in homes, schools, offices, cafes and on the roads. In a country that finally participates in world Cup of football After 48 years, the whole world is watching the quarter-final match between Turkey and Senegal. A deafening silence lurks in the streets. The game continues in overtime. Umit Davala’s pass from the right wing, Ilhan Mansez in the area hits the ball diagonally to the left and … the goal.

The golden goal announces the end of the match and that Turkey is among the four The best soccer teams in the world. The silence of the streets is broken by the screams. From Japan, where the match was held, to Turkey, no one who lived that moment remembers what happened in those few minutes after the goal. Tears, screams and unspeakable happiness are the feelings recorded in the images that still live on in everyone’s collective memory to this day.

The article was originally published in GQ UK.

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