They are ascending to the podium in Turkey! Borregos Toluca holds a bronze

They are ascending to the podium in Turkey!  Borregos Toluca holds a bronze

four athletes From The Tec de Monterrey Campus in Toluca crown it Bronze On the FISU Basketball University 3×3 World Cup.

Myron Molina, Rodrigo Dominguez, Ramon Limas s Louis OchoaHe traveled to The Middle East for represent Mexicofacing countries like New Zealand, Mongolia, Uganda, Australia In the final for the bronze against Argentina the win 16 to 9.

We started preparing for the summer When they told us we qualified to join the US forces in Lima, Peru, there We sacrificed our holidays and stayed in training.

“First in Toluca then in AguascalientesWe train with her People who specialize in 3×3 with Two or three sessions per dayhung Ramon Limas.

Play with the pros

Ramon Share it They play tournaments on the weekends Until the competition reached where they got the experience and knowledge to get The second place that gave them the pass to the World Cup.

We played on the weekends with the prosThey gave us advice, we kept training all the time for the World Cup Grab Rhythm Mode 3×3.

The weekend before we go to the professional 3×3 tournament American Challengerwhere We got second placethat’s what it was Made us ready for international competition in Istanbul, Turkeypointed out.

They ascend to the podium in Turkey, carrying bronze Toluca sheep

from your side Myron Molina wanted to share a file message With the Tec community and in general.

The effort that each of us put in for achieve this experience boils down to what Everyone has goals and dreams to achieveShould We do our best to achieve what we wanthe completed.

Should We do our best to achieve what we want– Myron Molina.

A turning point in his sports career

Rodrigo commented that They had a very beautiful and unforgettable experience Because each of them The moment will be important for his sporting career.

“The fact that we were able to compete internationally, Represent Mexico and Tech Toluca internationally s Achieving third place in the world It is pride. Getting to know another culture and traditions is what we gain the most from this experience.

“Personally I’ll save the moments as a demo I can reach this competitive level internationally, Competing around the world is part of a goal“, He said.

“Competing around the world is part of the goal.” Rodrigo Dominguez.

They ascend to the podium in Turkey, carrying bronze Toluca sheep

Bring a medal to Mexico

Finally, Louis Ochoa He indicated that For them, this is all pride and a mixture of feelings reach Bring a medal to Mexicobut especially Institute as such According to the athlete, they are part of a large family.

“We weren’t looking for an achievement but It is always a pleasure to be in the top three and to be on the podiumThis bronze medal is a boost To look for it in the next contest, look for what is ours, gold.

Let’s get readyLearn from your mistakes so that in the next matches you can take first place.”he completed.

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