Yailin La Más Viral: This was Anuel AA’s girlfriend’s first concert | US celebrities | nnda nnlt | Fame

Yailin La Más Viral: This was Anuel AA’s girlfriend’s first concert |  US celebrities |  nnda nnlt |  Fame

Since he started his relationship with Anuel AADominican Yailin most popular He was heavily criticized and even insulted, but he also began to gain many fans who advanced his career at proportions he could only imagine a few months ago, as evidenced by his first concert in United State.

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The urban artist gave a concert in the lands of North America, where she seeks to earn her name, the success was remarkable and it is impossible not to recognize him, as there are photos of what happened there during the show.

In this way, the young artist begins a new stage in her musical career, which can be classified as very promising after that. Anuel AA He gave her an offer to show herself and become known in all countries of Latin America. Is it the birth of a new star in the urban genre?

Anuel AA always accompanies his girlfriend Yailin in every step of their music career (Photo: Anuel AA/Instagram)

The most popular concert in YAILIN

Yailin performed a concert in New Yorkspecifically at the disco sauce with firea place that her boyfriend also attended with the intention of supporting, advising and accompanying her on such an important moment in her career and life.

He stepped out on stage in a black and pink sweatshirt, which matches the decor and energy he showed in each of his songs on New York Night.

Moreover, in many videos posted on social networks, you can see the feelings of the audience and full house, where not a single ticket was left, which makes this presentation a resounding success.

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Thank you yilin

In a video posted by the singer herself, it can be seen that she was very emotional throughout the ceremony until, at a certain point, she started crying out of happiness, because one of her dreams came true after she filled a stage at United. States, give way to a promising career.

In addition, in this post he thanked all the people who made this work possible.

“Thank you New York, thank you Dominican Republic for all the care and love you have given me. They made me cry, thank you for believing in me. I work every day to be better than the day before in music and in my personal life. I love them. Thank God”Anuel AA’s girlfriend wrote.

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